DocuMT Background

DocuMT is technology company who is making it easier for Music Therapists to spend more time with their clients and less time doing administrative work. Their application allows Music Therapists to expedite planning, tracking, and documentation, all while working toward a better connection with their clients.

What was needed

While their product was being built, DocuMT connected with Raio in order to get their brand an overall friendly look and more importantly, a new website to host the information about their product. The website needed to be inviting, and needed to thoroughly explain the features of the product and its benefits for users. We also needed to integrate sign-up and purchase fields for the product.


The New DocuMT Website

The new WordPress site for DocuMT provides exactly what they needed. A simple site, used to showcase their product and what it can do for music therapists everywhere. The site is designed to be informative, and welcoming, so that viewers are excited to reach out to DocuMT and seek out their products and services

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