Food Forest Background

Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Food forest is a company founded on the belief that high quality fresh food should be for everyone, regardless of their income or address. Using their technology, they are bringing delicious name brand and local foods to peoples door with an easy to use application. They’re also a part of Krogers Zero Hunger Zero Waste initiative. All this said, we were really excited to get the opportunity to be a part of such a great cause.

What was needed

Food Forest is an ambitious company who have set their sights high on success. While working with an engineering team to build their application, they needed a compatible and intelligent brand identity as well as a website that accurately conveys the value’s of the company, all while remaining very profesional and modern.


The Food Forest Website and Brand

The food forest website has been what feel is one of our greatest successes. The company is gaining excellent traction and the seamless integration of the website, brand, and application are a great part of this. Green is the Food Forest color of choice, as it reflects the freshness and whole-fullness of the food they seek to deliver. The logo, or the mirrored F’s, are a modern and stylish icon that is very recognizable and highlights the technological aspects of the brand. The site also showcases the application extensively, and has integrated downloads and sign up links throughout.  Overall the food forest site is very visually appealing and provided the call-to-action that the client needed for their product. Visit the whole site here

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