HealthQRS Inc. Background

HealthQRS is a comany founded on making innovative retail solutions for patient out of pocket expenses, navigation,  and engagement. They believe that direct patient engagement is the sure way to effectively control healthcare costs, improve patient satisfaction, and improve overall financial performance. To do this, they’ve created their own innovative retail point-of-service, direct pay medical marketplaces, and white label branding.

What was needed

In order to jive well in their industry, Health QRS needed a brand identity that would shine true to with healthcare and where they came from. They also would need a professional website that would accurately reflect their solutions to each facet of the healthcare industry. They connected with Raio in order to achieve this desired outcome.


The HealthQRS Website & Brand

The branding Raio delivered for HealthQRS is clean, classic, and professional. Blue and white are often colors used in healthcare, and it gives a the professional vibe they needed. The flight icon reflects part of what originally inspired the companies founder for the ideation of the company, as well as the goal for the company, as a whole. That is, providing exceptionally more efficient, faster, and effective service. The Website itself, showcased these values, and also provides clear direction for how these solutions can apply to each area of the healthcare industry. It is full of easy to understand navigation, as well as has many css customized download links for various materials. See the full site here.

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