Modesto Labs Background

Modesto Labs Is an international engineering solutions firm that provides innovative solutions and strategies to keep businesses moving forward on their best path. Using their services and years of experience in the field, businesses are able to implement better plans, or simply get their ideas off the “whiteboard and into production.

What was needed

Modesto is another of our clients specializing in professional consultation services. Because of this they needed a sleek, relaxed, and also professional identity and website. To achieve this, they hired Raio to develop their image, logo, vibe, and website.


The Modesto Labs Website

The logo is simple and features cross-marks for style. The “eye” icon for the first “o” is meant to represent the trained eye and experience that the company provides for its clients. The Modesto Labs website is inviting, and provides a great balance between a relaxed and professional vibe. The site is very visually appealing, informative, easy to grasp, and provides simple navigation for the user to read and learn all about what they have to offer. Check the full website out here

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