Transitus Background

Transitus is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization we’re a stoked to have the opportunity to work with. They design innovative programs to improve the access to food, healthcare, work, and sustainable education for all people in underserved areas. Their motto “lets bridge the gap” sums up exactly what the company is all about.

What was needed

Being new, Transitus needed a way to connect online with its various partners, showcase their mission,  as well as provide a virtual way for its supporters to donate to their cause. They needed a logo that reflected the brand and of course, a nicely designed website.

Transitus Icon


The New Transitus Website

The “people bridge” logo above was largely inspired by the companies motto and mission. That is, bridging the gap for people and their needs.The new website is designed to inform the viewers exactly what Transitus is striving for. With many links and payment portals using stripe, its very easy for people to navigate the website, learn about what they’re all about, and donate to the cause if they so choose. The site does its job of highlighting campaigns, providing many calls-to-action, and remaining inviting. Check out the full site here

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