Important market resources: Google Analytics & Pop-Up Blockers

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As part of any digital marketing strategy, knowing who visits your site, from where, and when is always a useful piece of information to have. That’s where knowing your most important market resources comes in. Google Analytics provides a great and free service that can be integrated to achieve this (see Once an account is setup, just go to:

Admin > Property > Tracking Info > Tracking Code

From this page you should see a Tracking ID in the form of UA-123456789-1 as well as a small code snippet that can be placed inside the <head></head> section of each HTML file of your website. Note, however, that some pop-up blockers will block requests to the google analytics cloud services (e.g. Therefore, this could be a source of confusion as to why Send test traffic is not working. So, when configuring and testing an initial GA integration, be sure to shut off pop-up blockers such uBlock Origin.

Google Analytics is just one of the simplest tools we use at Raio Creative to provide effective digital marketing. From Google Analytics, we can better pick out tag-words, trends, and demographic targeting for your ad campaigns, email marketing strategies, and social media posts!

Most of these tools are easy to set up and use on your own – and you can save a lot of money if you do. But, it is time consuming and tedious. That’s where Raio Creative comes in – we manage all that for you and more affordable prices than the typical digital marketing agency (and we don’t hide the toolsets we use like they are magic or something!).

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